Fall 2017
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PUBA304-01 - Analytical Techniques for Public Administration - Yvette Pintard-NewryInformation
PUBA302-01 - Development Administration - Yvette Pintard-NewryInformation
PUBA201-01&02 - Public Administration I - Yvette Pintard-NewryInformation
NURS133-01-Principles of Nursing 1 (Terry Campbell)This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
COMP941-01 - Shananda Miller-Hinsey
BUSI900-01 - Shananda Miller-Hinsey
EDD489 - Methods of Teaching in Adult & Workforce - Veronica CollieInformation
CISB220 - Introduction to Web Design - Veronica CollieInformation
PED 347-01 - Corrective And Adaptive Physical Education - Janice KreinerInformation
SPED495-01 - Inclusive Education Principles & Practice - Janice KreinerInformation
EDU 220-03 - Child Development and Learning - Janice KreinerInformation
NUTR100-01-Basic Principles of Nutrition (Dr. Ingrid Gibson-Mobley)Information
NURS304-Adult Nursing II (Dr. Ingrid Mobley)Information
ACCA413-Fund Accounting (Robert Nieschwietz)Information
ACCA412-Advanced Accounting (Robert Nieschwiefz)Information
ACCA315-Accounting Theory (Robert Nieschwietz)Information
ACCA201-Hospitality Accounting (Robert Nieschwietz)Information
MARI405-Intro to Marine and Coastal Zone Manage.(Jacklyn Chisholm-Lightbourne)Information
MARI230-Oceanography (Jacklyn Chisholm-Lightbourne)Information
HLTH100-Current Issues in Health(Jacklyn Chisholm-Lightbourne)Information