CEES Course that are run different from COB Traditional courses times (e.g. Mar-Nov)
  • This eight weeks course is an in-depth analysis of the methodology and practice of training and development. Candidates will be taught how to plan and execute training and development programmes that align with career goals, as well as the company’s growth plan and/or current needs. The general training and development body of knowledge will be covered and emphasis will be placed on the following topics: needs assessment, basic procedures in developing training and developing programmes, evaluating trainee learning styles, evaluating trainers’ presentation styles, costing the training products, traditional delivery methods and alternatives, motivating trainees and trainers, and effectively conducting the training evaluation processes.
  • Course Description

    This course is designed for nurses making a transition into or working in medical surgical nursing who seek to enhance their skills and advance their goal as a medical surgical nurse specialist. Participants will develop an in depth understanding of medical surgical nursing and provide advanced skills for nursing interventions of clients diagnosed with a variety of conditions. Management, physical assessment, disease and drug processes, laboratory testing and interpretation and monitoring and administrating therapeutic interventions will be addressed. Additionally health informatics and phlebotomy will be introduced.

    Length of Courses: 28 weeks (2 Semesters)